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Element is a new type of messenger and collaboration app that:

1. Puts you in control to preserve your privacy
2. Lets you communicate with anyone in the Matrix network, and even beyond by integrating with apps such as Slack
3. Protects you from advertising, datamining, backdoors and walled gardens
4. Secures you through end-to-end encryption, with cross-signing to verify others

Element is completely different from other messaging and collaboration apps because it is decentralised and open source.

Element lets you self-host - or choose a host - so that you have privacy, ownership and control of your data and conversations. It gives you access to an open network; so you’re not just stuck speaking to other Element users only. And it is very secure.

Element is able to do all this because it operates on Matrix - the standard for open, decentralised communication.

Element puts you in control by letting you choose who hosts your conversations. From the Element app, you can choose to host in different ways:

1. Get a free account on the public server
2. Self-host your account by running a server on your own hardware
3. Sign up for an account on a custom server by simply subscribing to the Element Matrix Services hosting platform

Why choose Element?

OWN YOUR DATA: You decide where to keep your data and messages. You own it and control it, not some MEGACORP that mines your data or gives access to third parties.

OPEN MESSAGING AND COLLABORATION: You can chat with anyone else in the Matrix network, whether they’re using Element or another Matrix app, and even if they are using a different messaging system of the likes of Slack, IRC or XMPP.

SUPER-SECURE: Real end-to-end encryption (only those in the conversation can decrypt messages), and cross-signing to verify the devices of conversation participants.

COMPLETE COMMUNICATION: Messaging, voice and video calls, file sharing, screen sharing and a whole bunch of integrations, bots and widgets. Build rooms, communities, stay in touch and get things done.

EVERYWHERE YOU ARE: Stay in touch wherever you are with fully synchronised message history across all your devices and on the web at
Element 是一套新型的通訊和協作應用程式,它提供下列功能:

1. 您可以自行掌控隱私
2. 可以與 Matrix 網路中的任何人進行通訊,甚至可以與 Slack 等應用程式整合
3. 保護您免受廣告、資料探勘、後門和封閉平台的侵害
4. 透過端到端加密和交叉簽署來驗證彼此,互相確保安全

Element 是去中心化的開放原始碼軟體,因此與其他通訊和協作應用程式完全不同。

Element 允許您自行架設(或選擇託管)伺服器,使您可針對隱私權,所有權以及對資料和對話內容的完整控制權。您可以連線到所有開放的網路,所以您不是只能與其他 Element 使用者聊天。而且還非常安全。

Element 之所以能夠做到所有這些目標,是因為它使用 Matrix(一套開放、去中心化的通訊標準)運作。

Element 讓您可以自行選擇要將對話放在哪一台伺服器來讓您可自行控制自己的訊息和資料。在 Element 應用程式中,您可以選擇以不同方式託管您的訊息:

1. 在 公開伺服器註冊免費帳號
2. 使用自行架設的硬體主機上的伺服器來註冊帳號
3. 訂閱 Element Matrix Services 代管平台,註冊自己的伺服器

為什麼要選擇 Element?


開放的通訊與協作機制:您可以與 Matrix 網路中的任何人聊天,不管他們使用的是 Element 還是其他 Matrix 應用程式,甚至他們也可以使用像 Slack 、IRC 或 XMPP 之類的其他通訊系統。



無論您身在何處都可保持聯繫:無論您身在何處,都可以透過 在所有裝置與網路取得完全同步的訊息記錄來保持聯繫。
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%@ 將顯示名稱變更為 %@
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Invalid or unhandled command
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Forces the current outbound group session in an encrypted room to be discarded
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Sets the room topic
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Deops user with given id
使用 ID 降級超級使用者
10 months ago
Define the power level of a user
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Unbans user with given id
使用 ID 解除已禁止使用者
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Bans user with given id
使用 ID 來禁止使用者
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