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Part of "Welcome to Nio".

Welcome to
Key English Chinese (Traditional) State
event.unknown-room-name-fallback Unknown 未知傳送人
event.unknown-sender-fallback Unknown 未知聊天室
loading.1 Reticulating splines 讓線條變成網狀
loading.2 Discomfrobulating messages 打亂訊息
loading.3 Logging in 登入中
loading.4 Restoring session 回復作業階段
loading.cancel Cancel 取消
login.failure-back-to-login Back to Login 返回登入頁
login.form.homeserver Homeserver 家伺服器
login.form.homeserver-optional-explanation Homeserver is optional if you're using 若您選用matrix.org則不必填寫家伺服器。
login.form.password Password 密碼
login.form.username Username 使用者名稱 Don't have an account yet? 還沒有帳戶?
login.register-not-yet-implemented Registering for new accounts is not yet implemented. 尚未提供創建新帳戶功能。
login.sign-in Sign in 登入
login.welcome-header Welcome to 歡迎使用
login.welcome-message Sign in to your account to get started. 從登入帳戶開始。
new-conversation.alert-failed Failed To Start Chat 開始聊天發生錯誤
new-conversation.cancel Cancel 取消
new-conversation.create-room Start Chat 開始聊天
new-conversation.done Done 完成
new-conversation.edit Edit 編輯
new-conversation.for-example For example 例如
new-conversation.public-room Public Room 公開聊天室 Room Name 聊天室名稱
new-conversation.title-chat New Chat 新聊天對話
new-conversation.title-room New Room 新聊天室
new-conversation.username-placeholder Matrix ID Matrix ID
reaction-picker.title Tap on an emoji to send that reaction. 點擊顏文字以傳送您的回應。 DM with %@, %@ %@ 與%@私訊,%@ %@


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Nio / NioChinese (Traditional)

Welcome to
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@kiliankoe We cannot translate this incomplete sentence for SOV style languages Add {{example}} to string as - Welcome to {{example}}

3 years ago
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Hi @helabasa! This string is currently being used as an introduction to the app and shows as "Welcome to Nio". Unfortunately though as a limitation of the text formatting APIs, the string Nio is always added to the end so that it can be colored separately. Hopefully that doesn't cause any issues for you, but I always knew it would at some point 😅

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English Chinese (Traditional)
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Part of "Welcome to Nio".

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