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Part of "Welcome to Nio".

Welcome to
Key English Russian State
event.unknown-room-name-fallback Unknown Неизвестно
event.unknown-sender-fallback Unknown Неизвестно
loading.1 Reticulating splines Сетчатые сплайны
loading.2 Discomfrobulating messages Неприемлемые сообщения
loading.3 Logging in Войти
loading.4 Restoring session Восстановление сессии
loading.cancel Cancel Отмена
login.failure-back-to-login Back to Login Вернуться на страницу входа
login.form.homeserver Homeserver Домашний сервер
login.form.homeserver-optional-explanation Homeserver is optional if you're using Домашний сервер не обязателен, если вы используете
login.form.password Password Пароль
login.form.username Username Имя пользоватаеля Don't have an account yet? Уже есть аккаунт?
login.register-not-yet-implemented Registering for new accounts is not yet implemented. Регистрация новых аккаунтов еще в разработке.
login.sign-in Sign in Войти
login.welcome-header Welcome to Добро пожаловать в
login.welcome-message Sign in to your account to get started. Войдите в свой аккаунт, чтобы начать.
new-conversation.alert-failed Failed To Start Chat Не удалось начать чат
new-conversation.cancel Cancel Отмена
new-conversation.create-room Start Chat Начать чат
new-conversation.done Done Готово
new-conversation.edit Edit Редактировать
new-conversation.for-example For example Например
new-conversation.public-room Public Room Публичная комната Room Name Название комнаты
new-conversation.title-chat New Chat Новый чат
new-conversation.title-room New Room Новая комната
new-conversation.username-placeholder Matrix ID Matrix ID
reaction-picker.title Tap on an emoji to send that reaction. Нажмите на эмодзи, чтобы отправить реакцию DM with %@, %@ %@ ЛС с %@, %@ %@


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Nio / NioRussian

Welcome to
Добро положаловать в
3 years ago
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Nio / NioRussian

New contributor 3 years ago
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Nio / NioRussian

Welcome to
Добро положаловать в
4 years ago
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@kiliankoe We cannot translate this incomplete sentence for SOV style languages Add {{example}} to string as - Welcome to {{example}}

3 years ago
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Hi @helabasa! This string is currently being used as an introduction to the app and shows as "Welcome to Nio". Unfortunately though as a limitation of the text formatting APIs, the string Nio is always added to the end so that it can be colored separately. Hopefully that doesn't cause any issues for you, but I always knew it would at some point 😅

3 years ago


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Part of "Welcome to Nio".

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