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Change Space
Key English Arabic State
power_level_default Default الاِفتراضي
power_level_custom Custom (%1$d) مُخصَّص (⁨%1$d⁩)
power_level_custom_no_value Custom مخصَّص
notice_power_level_changed_by_you You changed the power level of %1$s. غيَّرتَ مُستوى سلطة %1$s.
notice_power_level_changed %1$s changed the power level of %2$s. غيَّرَ %1$s مُستوى سلطة %2$s.
notice_power_level_diff %1$s from %2$s to %3$s %1$s مِن %2$s إلى %3$s
notice_crypto_unable_to_decrypt ** Unable to decrypt: %s ** ** يتعذَّر فك التشفير: ⁨%s⁩ **
notice_crypto_error_unknown_inbound_session_id The sender's device has not sent us the keys for this message. لم يُرسل جِهاز المُرسل مفاتيحًا لهذه الرِّسالة.
notice_voice_broadcast_ended %1$s ended a voice broadcast. أنهى %1$s البث الصوتي.
notice_voice_broadcast_ended_by_you You ended a voice broadcast. أنت الذي انهيت البث الصوتي.
unable_to_send_message Unable to send message تعذَّر إرسال الرِّسالة
matrix_error Matrix error خطأ في مايتركس
all_chats All Chats كل المحادثات
start_chat Start Chat ابدأ محادثة
create_room Create Room انشئ غرفة
change_space Change Space تغيير التجمع
explore_rooms Explore Rooms استكشف غُرف
a11y_expand_space_children Expand %s children توسيع %s العناصر الفرعية
a11y_collapse_space_children Collapse %s children إغلاق %s العناصر الفرعية
room_error_access_unauthorized You are not allowed to join this room لا يسمح لك بالانضمام لهذه الغرفة
medium_email Email address عُنوان البريد الإلكتروني
medium_phone_number Phone number رقم الهاتف
room_displayname_room_invite Room Invite دَعوة لغُرفة
room_displayname_two_members %1$s and %2$s %1$s وَ %2$s
room_displayname_3_members %1$s, %2$s and %3$s الأعضاء %1$s، %2$s و %3$s
room_displayname_4_members %1$s, %2$s, %3$s and %4$s الأعضاء %1$s، %2$s، %3$s و %4$s
room_displayname_four_and_more_members %1$s, %2$s, %3$s and %4$d other %1$s، %2$s و%3$s
room_displayname_empty_room Empty room غُرفة فارِغة
room_displayname_empty_room_was Empty room (was %s) غُرفة فارِغة (كانت %s)
initial_sync_start_server_computing Initial sync:
Waiting for server response…
المزامنة الأولية:
ينتظر رد الخادم…
initial_sync_start_downloading Initial sync:
Downloading data…
المزامنة الأولية:
ينزّل البيانات…
Key English Arabic State
call_tile_you_declined_this_call You declined this call
call_transfer_connect_action Connect
call_transfer_consult_first Consult first
call_transfer_consulting_with Consulting with %1$s
call_transfer_failure An error occurred while transferring call
call_transfer_title Transfer
call_transfer_transfer_to_title Transfer to %1$s
call_transfer_unknown_person Unknown person
call_transfer_users_tab_title Users
cannot_call_yourself You cannot place a call with yourself لا يمكن مكالمة نفسك
cannot_call_yourself_with_invite You cannot place a call with yourself, wait for participants to accept invitation لا يمكنك إجراء مكالمة مع نفسك، انتظر قبول منتسبين لطلب
cannot_dm_self Cannot DM yourself!
change_identity_server Change identity server
change_password_summary Set a new account password… قم بتعيين كلمة مرور جديدة للحساب…
change_room_directory_network Change network غيّر الشبكة
change_space Change Space تغيير التجمع
choose_locale_current_locale_title Current language
choose_locale_loading_locales Loading available languages…
choose_locale_other_locales_title Other available languages
closed_poll_option_description Results are only revealed when you end the poll
closed_poll_option_title Closed poll
command_confetti Sends the given message with confetti
command_description_add_to_space Add to the given Space
command_description_avatar_for_room Changes your avatar in this current room only
command_description_ban_user Bans user with given id يمنع المستخدم حسب المعرّف المعطى
command_description_clear_scalar_token To fix Matrix Apps management لإصلاح إدارة تطبيقات «ماترِكس»
command_description_create_space Create a Space
command_description_deop_user Deops user with given id يُلغي إدارية المستخدم حسب المعرّف المعطى
command_description_devtools Open the developer tools screen
command_description_discard_session Forces the current outbound group session in an encrypted room to be discarded
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Change Space
تغيير التجمع
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Change Space
تغيير ال
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