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Key English Korean State
call_ended_user_busy_title User busy
call_ended_user_busy_description The user you called is busy.
call_ended_invite_timeout_title No answer
call_error_user_not_responding The remote side failed to pick up. 상대방이 전화를 받지 못했습니다.
call_remove_jitsi_widget_progress Ending call…
permissions_rationale_popup_title Information 정보
permissions_rationale_msg_record_audio ${app_name} needs permission to access your microphone to perform audio calls. 음성 통화를 하려면 ${app_name}은 마이크에 접근하는 권한이 필요합니다.
permissions_rationale_msg_camera_and_audio ${app_name} needs permission to access your camera and your microphone to perform video calls.

Please allow access on the next pop-ups to be able to make the call.
영상 통화를 하려면 ${app_name}은 카메라와 마이크에 접근하는 권한이 필요합니다.

전화를 하려면 다음 팝업에서 접근을 허용해주세요.
permissions_rationale_msg_notification ${app_name} needs permission to display notifications. Notifications can display your messages, your invitations, etc.

Please allow access on the next pop-ups to be able to view notification.
permissions_denied_qr_code To scan a QR code, you need to allow camera access.
permissions_denied_add_contact Allow permission to access your contacts.
yes YES
no NO 아니오
_continue Continue 계속
list_members Members 구성원 목록
room_jump_to_first_unread Jump to unread 읽지 않은 첫 부분으로 이동하기.
room_title_members %d member %d명의 구성원
room_participants_leave_prompt_title Leave room 방 떠나기
room_participants_leave_prompt_msg Are you sure you want to leave the room? 방을 떠나겠습니까?
room_participants_leave_private_warning This room is not public. You will not be able to rejoin without an invite.
room_participants_header_direct_chats Direct Messages 다이렉트 대화
room_participants_action_invite Invite 초대
room_participants_action_cancel_invite Cancel invite
room_participants_action_ban Ban 출입 금지
room_participants_action_unban Unban 출입 금지 풀기
room_participants_action_remove Remove from chat 추방
room_participants_action_mention Mention 언급
room_participants_power_level_prompt You will not be able to undo this change as you are promoting the user to have the same power level as yourself.
Are you sure?
사용자를 자신과 동일한 권한 등급으로 승격시키는 것은 취소할 수 없습니다.
room_participants_power_level_demote_warning_title Demote yourself?
room_participants_power_level_demote_warning_prompt You will not be able to undo this change as you are demoting yourself, if you are the last privileged user in the room it will be impossible to regain privileges.
room_participants_power_level_demote Demote
Key English Korean State
room_displayname_four_and_more_members %1$s, %2$s, %3$s and %4$d other %1$s님, %2$s님, %3$s님과 %4$d님 등
room_displayname_room_invite Room Invite 방 초대
room_displayname_two_members %1$s and %2$s %1$s님과 %2$s님
room_do_not_have_permission_to_post You do not have permission to post to this room. 이 방에 글을 올릴 권한이 없습니다
room_error_access_unauthorized You are not allowed to join this room 이 방에 참여할 수 없습니다
room_error_not_found Can't find this room. Make sure it exists.
room_filtering_filter_hint Filter conversations… 대화 필터…
room_filtering_footer_create_new_direct_message Send a new direct message 새 다이렉트 메시지 보내기
room_filtering_footer_create_new_room Create a new room 새 방 만들기
room_filtering_footer_open_room_directory View the room directory 방 목록 보기
room_filtering_footer_title Can’t find what you’re looking for? 원하는 것을 찾을 수 없나요?
room_join_rules_invite %1$s made the room invite only.
room_join_rules_invite_by_you You made the room invite only.
room_join_rules_public %1$s made the room public to whoever knows the link.
room_join_rules_public_by_you You made the room public to whoever knows the link.
room_jump_to_first_unread Jump to unread 읽지 않은 첫 부분으로 이동하기.
room_list_catchup_empty_body You have no more unread messages 더 이상 읽지 않은 메시지가 없습니다
room_list_catchup_empty_title You’re all caught up! 모두 읽었습니다!
room_list_filter_all All
room_list_filter_favourites Favorites
room_list_filter_people People
room_list_filter_unreads Unreads
room_list_people_empty_body Your direct message conversations will be displayed here. Tap the + at the bottom right to start some. 다이렉트 메시지 대화가 여기에 표시됩니다
room_list_people_empty_title Conversations 대화
room_list_quick_actions_favorite_add Add to favorites
room_list_quick_actions_favorite_remove Remove from favorites
room_list_quick_actions_leave Leave the room
room_list_quick_actions_low_priority_add Add to low priority
room_list_quick_actions_low_priority_remove Remove from low priority
room_list_quick_actions_notifications_all All messages


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