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Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
loading.cancel Cancel 取消
login.failure-back-to-login Back to Login 返回登录页面
login.form.homeserver Homeserver 主服务器
login.form.homeserver-optional-explanation Homeserver is optional if you're using 若是,则不必填写主服务器。
login.form.password Password 密码
login.form.username Username 用户名 Don't have an account yet? 还没有账户?
login.register-not-yet-implemented Registering for new accounts is not yet implemented. 新账户注册功能尚未被实现。
login.sign-in Sign in 登录
login.welcome-header Welcome to 欢迎来到
login.welcome-message Sign in to your account to get started. 登录账户来开始使用。
new-conversation.alert-failed Failed To Start Chat 未能开始聊天
new-conversation.cancel Cancel 取消
new-conversation.create-room Start Chat 开始聊天
new-conversation.done Done 完成
new-conversation.edit Edit 编辑
new-conversation.for-example For example 例如
new-conversation.public-room Public Room 公共房间 Room Name 房间名
new-conversation.title-chat New Chat 新聊天
new-conversation.title-room New Room 新房间
new-conversation.username-placeholder Matrix ID Matrix ID
reaction-picker.title Tap on an emoji to send that reaction. 点击表情以发送反应。 DM with %@, %@ %@ 私聊%@, %@ %@ New Conversation 新对话 %u new messages %u条新信息 Room %@, %@ %@ 房间%@, %@ %@
recent-rooms.accessibility-label.settings Settings 设置
recent-rooms.leave.alert-body Are you sure you want to leave '%@'? This action cannot be undone. 你确定要离开"%@"吗?这个操作是不可逆的。
recent-rooms.leave.alert-title Leave Room 离开房间
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