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%@ left
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State
room.invitation.fallback-title New Conversation 新对话
room.invitation.join-alert.title Join Conversation? 加入对话?
room.invitation.join-alert.message Accept invitation to join '%@'? 接受加入'%@'的邀请?
room.invitation.join-alert.join-button Join 加入 New Message… 新信息…
composer.edit-message Edit Message: 编辑信息:
composer.accessibility-label.send-file Send file 发送文件
composer.accessibility-label.send Send 发送
composer.accessibility-label.cancelEdit Cancel 取消
typing-indicator.single %@ is typing %@正在输入
typing-indicator.two %@ and %@ are typing %@和%@正在输入
typing-indicator.many Several people are typing 多位正在输入
event.unknown-sender-fallback Unknown 未知发送者
event.unknown-room-name-fallback Unknown 未知房间名 %@ invited %@ %@邀请了%@ %@ left %@离开了房间 %@ kicked %@ %@踢出了%@ %@ banned %@ %@封禁了%@ %@ joined %@加入了房间 %@ changed their display name to %@ %@将其显示名称改为了%@ %@ set their profile picture %@设置了头像 %@ updated their profile picture %@更新了头像 %@ removed their profile picture %@移除了头像 Unknown state event: %@ 未知成员事件状态:%@
event.reason Reason: %@ 原因:%@ %@ set the room name to %@ %@将房间名设为了%@ %@ changed the room name from %@ to %@ %@将房间名由%@改为了%@ %@ changed the topic to '%@' %@将主题改为了'%@'
room-power-level.default Default 默认
room-power-level.moderator Moderator 协管员
room-power-level.admin Admin 管理员
Key English Chinese (Simplified) State New Message… 新信息…
event.context-menu.add-reaction Add Reaction 添加反应
event.context-menu.edit Edit 编辑
event.context-menu.remove Remove 删除
event.context-menu.reply Reply 回复
event.edited edited 已编辑
event.reason Reason: %@ 原因:%@
event.redaction.redact-other %@ removed %@'s message %@删除了%@的消息
event.redaction.redact-self Message removed by %@ 被%@删除的消息 %@ banned %@ %@封禁了%@ %@ updated their profile picture %@更新了头像 %@ changed their display name to %@ %@将其显示名称改为了%@ %@ invited %@ %@邀请了%@ %@ joined %@加入了房间 %@ kicked %@ %@踢出了%@ %@ left %@离开了房间 %@ removed their profile picture %@移除了头像 %@ set their profile picture %@设置了头像 Unknown state event: %@ 未知成员事件状态:%@ %@ changed the room name from %@ to %@ %@将房间名由%@改为了%@ %@ set the room name to %@ %@将房间名设为了%@ %@ changed the power level of %@ from %@ to %@ %@将%@的权力等级由%@改为了%@ %@ changed their power level from %@ to %@ %@将其权力等级由%@改为了%@ %@ changed the topic to '%@' %@将主题改为了'%@'
event.unknown-room-name-fallback Unknown 未知房间名
event.unknown-sender-fallback Unknown 未知发送者
loading.1 Reticulating splines 少女祈祷中
loading.2 Discomfrobulating messages 正在给长者+1s
loading.3 Logging in 登录中
loading.4 Restoring session 正在恢复会话


%@ left
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