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Video Call In Progress…
Key English Serbian (latin) State
settings_call_category Calls Pozivi
settings_call_show_confirmation_dialog_title Prevent accidental call
settings_call_show_confirmation_dialog_summary Ask for confirmation before starting a call
settings_call_ringtone_use_app_ringtone Use default ${app_name} ringtone for incoming calls Koristi podrazumevani ${app_name} zvuk zvona za dolazeće pozive
settings_call_ringtone_title Incoming call ringtone Zvuk zvona dolazećeg poziva
settings_call_ringtone_dialog_title Select ringtone for calls: Izaberite zvuk zvona za pozive:
call Call Poziv
call_connecting Call connecting… Poziv se uspostavlja…
call_ringing Call ringing…
call_ended Call ended Poziv završen
missed_audio_call Missed audio call
missed_video_call Missed video call
incoming_video_call Incoming Video Call Dolazeći video poziv
incoming_voice_call Incoming Voice Call Dolazeći glasovni poziv
call_in_progress Call In Progress… Poziv u toku…
video_call_in_progress Video Call In Progress… Video poziv u toku..
video_call_with_participant Video call with %s
audio_call_with_participant Audio call with %s
call_resume_action Resume
call_hold_action Hold
call_held_by_user %s held the call
call_held_by_you You held the call
call_ended_user_busy_title User busy
call_ended_user_busy_description The user you called is busy.
call_ended_invite_timeout_title No answer
call_error_user_not_responding The remote side failed to pick up.
call_remove_jitsi_widget_progress Ending call…
permissions_rationale_popup_title Information
permissions_rationale_msg_record_audio ${app_name} needs permission to access your microphone to perform audio calls.
permissions_rationale_msg_camera_and_audio ${app_name} needs permission to access your camera and your microphone to perform video calls.

Please allow access on the next pop-ups to be able to make the call.
permissions_rationale_msg_notification ${app_name} needs permission to display notifications. Notifications can display your messages, your invitations, etc.

Please allow access on the next pop-ups to be able to view notification.
Key English Serbian (latin) State
verification_verify_device Verify this session
verification_verify_identity Verify your identity to access encrypted messages and prove your identity to others.
verification_verify_user Verify %s
verification_verify_with_another_device Verify with another device
verify_cancelled_notice Verification has been canceled. You can start verification again.
verify_cancel_other You won’t verify %1$s (%2$s) if you cancel now. Start again in their user profile.
verify_cancel_self_verification_from_trusted If you cancel, you won’t be able to read encrypted messages on your new device, and other users won’t trust it
verify_cancel_self_verification_from_untrusted If you cancel, you won’t be able to read encrypted messages on this device, and other users won’t trust it
verify_cannot_cross_sign This session is unable to share this verification with your other sessions.
The verification will be saved locally and shared in a future version of the app.
verify_invalid_qr_notice This QR code looks malformed. Please try to verify with another method.
verify_new_session_compromized Your account may be compromised
verify_new_session_notice Use this session to verify your new one, granting it access to encrypted messages.
verify_new_session_was_not_me This wasn’t me
verify_not_me_self_verification One of the following may be compromised:

- Your password
- Your homeserver
- This device, or the other device
- The internet connection either device is using

We recommend you change your password & recovery key in Settings immediately.
verify_this_session Verify the new login accessing your account: %1$s
video_call_in_progress Video Call In Progress… Video poziv u toku..
video_call_with_participant Video call with %s
video_meeting Start video meeting
view_decrypted_source View Decrypted Source
view_in_room View In Room
view_source View Source Vidi izvor
voice_broadcast_buffering Buffering…
voice_broadcast_live Live
voice_broadcast_live_broadcast Live broadcast
voice_broadcast_recording_time_left %1$s left
voice_message_n_seconds_warning_toast %1$ds left
voice_message_release_to_send_toast Hold to record, release to send
voice_message_reply_content Voice Message (%1$s)
voice_message_slide_to_cancel Slide to cancel
voice_message_tap_to_stop_toast Tap on your recording to stop or listen


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