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Cross feature
%1$d selected
%1$d selected

Plural formula: n != 1

Key English Norwegian Bokmål State
warning_unsaved_change_discard Discard changes Forkaste endringer
widget_delete_message_confirmation Are you sure you want to delete the widget from this room?
widget_integration_failed_to_send_request Failed to send request.
widget_integration_missing_parameter A required parameter is missing.
widget_integration_missing_room_id Missing room_id in request.
widget_integration_missing_user_id Missing user_id in request.
widget_integration_must_be_in_room You are not in this room.
widget_integration_no_permission_in_room You do not have permission to do that in this room.
widget_integration_positive_power_level Power level must be positive integer.
widget_integration_review_terms To continue you need to accept the Terms of this service.
widget_integration_room_not_visible Room %s is not visible.
widget_integration_unable_to_create Unable to create widget.
wrong_pin_message_last_remaining_attempt Warning! Last remaining attempt before logout! Advarsel! Siste gjenværende forsøk før avlogging!
wrong_pin_message_remaining_attempts Wrong code, %d remaining attempt Feil kode, %d gjenværende forsøk
x_plus +%d %d+
x_selected %1$d selected
yes YES JA
you_added_a_new_device You added a new session '%s', which is requesting encryption keys.
you_added_a_new_device_with_info A new session is requesting encryption keys.
Session name: %1$s
Last seen: %2$s
If you didn’t log in on another session, ignore this request.
you_are_invited You are invited Du er invitert
you_may_contact_me You may contact me if you have any follow up questions
your_private_space Your private space
your_public_space Your public space
your_unverified_device_requesting Your unverified session '%s' is requesting encryption keys.
your_unverified_device_requesting_with_info An unverified session is requesting encryption keys.
Session name: %1$s
Last seen: %2$s
If you didn’t log in on another session, ignore this request.


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