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Key English Klingon State
dev_tools_explore_room_state Explore Room State
dev_tools_form_hint_event_content Event Content
dev_tools_form_hint_state_key State Key
dev_tools_form_hint_type Type
dev_tools_menu_name Dev Tools
dev_tools_send_custom_event Send Custom Event
dev_tools_send_custom_state_event Send Custom State Event
dev_tools_send_state_event Send State Event
dev_tools_state_event State Events
dev_tools_success_event Event sent!
dev_tools_success_state_event State event sent!
dialog_edit_hint New value
dialog_title_confirmation Confirmation woq
dialog_title_error Error
dialog_title_success Success
dialog_title_warning Warning yIghuH!
dialog_user_consent_content To continue using the %1$s homeserver you must review and agree to the terms and conditions.
dialog_user_consent_submit Review now
direct_chats_header Conversations ja'chuq
directory_add_a_new_server Add a new server
directory_add_a_new_server_error Can't find this server or its room list
directory_add_a_new_server_error_already_added This server is already present in the list
directory_add_a_new_server_prompt Enter the name of a new server you want to explore.
directory_server_all_rooms_on_server All rooms on %s server
directory_server_native_rooms All native %s rooms
directory_server_placeholder Server name
directory_your_server Your server
direct_room_created_summary_item %s joined.
direct_room_created_summary_item_by_you You joined.
direct_room_encryption_enabled_tile_description Messages in this chat are end-to-end encrypted.
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Not translated Element Android/Element Android App


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