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Voice & Video
Key English Norwegian Nynorsk State
settings_general_title General Generelt
settings_preferences Preferences Innstillingar
settings_security_and_privacy Security & Privacy Tryggleik og personvern
settings_push_rules Push Rules
settings_push_rules_no_rules No push rules defined
settings_push_gateway_no_pushers No registered push gateways
push_gateway_item_app_id App ID:
push_gateway_item_push_key Push Key:
push_gateway_item_app_display_name App Display Name:
push_gateway_item_device_name Session Display Name:
push_gateway_item_device_id Session ID:
push_gateway_item_url Url:
push_gateway_item_format Format:
push_gateway_item_profile_tag Profile tag:
push_gateway_item_enabled Enabled:
preference_voice_and_video Voice & Video Tale og video
preference_root_help_about Help & About Hjelp og om
preference_root_legals Legals
preference_help Help
preference_help_title Help and support
preference_help_summary Get help with using ${app_name}
preference_versions Versions
preference_system_settings System settings
settings_troubleshoot_test_token_registration_quick_fix Register token
settings_troubleshoot_test_endpoint_registration_quick_fix Reset notification method
send_suggestion Make a suggestion
send_suggestion_content Please write your suggestion below.
send_suggestion_report_placeholder Describe your suggestion here
send_suggestion_sent Thanks, the suggestion has been successfully sent
send_suggestion_failed The suggestion failed to be sent (%s)
beta_title_bottom_sheet_action BETA


Voice & Video
Tale & Vog video
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Edited this to be consistent with the desktop translation.

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