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Back up
Key English Danish State
notification_listening_for_events Listening for events Lyt efter begivenheder
notification_listening_for_notifications Listening for notifications
notification_noisy_notifications Noisy notifications Larmende notifikationer
notification_silent_notifications Silent notifications Stille notifikationer
title_activity_settings Settings Indstillinger
title_activity_bug_report Bug report Nug rapport
title_activity_choose_sticker Send a sticker Send et klistermærke
title_activity_keys_backup_setup Key Backup Nøgle-backup
title_activity_keys_backup_restore Use Key Backup Brug Nøgle-backup
sign_out_bottom_sheet_warning_no_backup You’ll lose your encrypted messages if you sign out now Du vil miste dine krypterede beskeder, hvis du logger ud nu
sign_out_bottom_sheet_warning_backing_up Key backup in progress. If you sign out now you’ll lose access to your encrypted messages.
sign_out_bottom_sheet_warning_backup_not_active Secure Key Backup should be active on all of your sessions to avoid losing access to your encrypted messages.
sign_out_bottom_sheet_dont_want_secure_messages I don’t want my encrypted messages Jeg ønsker ikke mine krypterede beskeder
sign_out_bottom_sheet_backing_up_keys Backing up keys…
are_you_sure Are you sure? Er du sikker?
backup Back up Back up
sign_out_bottom_sheet_will_lose_secure_messages You’ll lose access to your encrypted messages unless you back up your keys before signing out. Du vil miste adgang til dine krypterede beskeder, medmindre du tager backup af dine nøgler, før du logger ud.
sign_out_failed_dialog_message Cannot reach the homeserver. If you sign out anyway, this device will not be erased from your device list, you may want to remove it using another client.
sign_out_anyway Sign out anyway
loading Loading… Loader…
ok OK OK
later Later Senere
permalink Permalink Permanent link
view_source View Source Se Kilde
view_decrypted_source View Decrypted Source Se Dekrypteret Kilde
none None
report_content Report Content Rapporter indhold
start_chatting Start Chatting
spaces Spaces
time_unit_hour_short h
time_unit_minute_short min
Key English Danish State
auth_pin_forgot Forgot PIN?
auth_pin_new_pin_action New PIN
auth_pin_reset_content To reset your PIN, you'll need to re-login and create a new one.
auth_pin_reset_title Reset PIN
auth_pin_title Enter your PIN
auth_recaptcha_message This homeserver would like to make sure you are not a robot Denne Home Server vil gerne være sikker på du ikke er en robot
auth_reset_password_error_unauthorized Failed to verify email address: make sure you clicked the link in the email Kunne ikke verificere emailadresse: vær sikker på du klikkede på linket i emailen
auth_reset_password_error_unverified Email not verified, check your inbox
auth_submit Submit Send
autocomplete_limited_results Showing only the first results, type more letters…
autodiscover_well_known_error Unable to find a valid homeserver. Please check your identifier
avatar Avatar
avatar_of_room Avatar of room %1$s
avatar_of_space Avatar of space %1$s
avatar_of_user Profile picture of user %1$s
backup Back up Back up
bad_passphrase_key_reset_all_action Forgot or lost all recovery options? Reset everything
beta BETA
beta_title_bottom_sheet_action BETA
black_theme Black Theme Sort Tema
block_user IGNORE USER
bootstrap_cancel_text If you cancel now, you may lose encrypted messages & data if you lose access to your logins.

You can also set up Secure Backup & manage your keys in Settings.
bootstrap_crosssigning_print_it Print it and store it somewhere safe
bootstrap_crosssigning_progress_default_key Defining SSSS default Key
bootstrap_crosssigning_progress_initializing Publishing created identity keys
bootstrap_crosssigning_progress_key_backup Setting Up Key Backup
bootstrap_crosssigning_progress_pbkdf2 Generating secure key from passphrase
bootstrap_crosssigning_progress_save_msk Synchronizing Master key
bootstrap_crosssigning_progress_save_ssk Synchronizing Self Signing key
bootstrap_crosssigning_progress_save_usk Synchronizing User key


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