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Key English Bosnian State
title_activity_keys_backup_setup Key Backup
title_activity_keys_backup_restore Use Key Backup
sign_out_bottom_sheet_warning_no_backup You’ll lose your encrypted messages if you sign out now
sign_out_bottom_sheet_warning_backing_up Key backup in progress. If you sign out now you’ll lose access to your encrypted messages.
sign_out_bottom_sheet_warning_backup_not_active Secure Key Backup should be active on all of your sessions to avoid losing access to your encrypted messages.
sign_out_bottom_sheet_dont_want_secure_messages I don’t want my encrypted messages
sign_out_bottom_sheet_backing_up_keys Backing up keys…
are_you_sure Are you sure?
backup Back up
sign_out_bottom_sheet_will_lose_secure_messages You’ll lose access to your encrypted messages unless you back up your keys before signing out.
sign_out_failed_dialog_message Cannot reach the homeserver. If you sign out anyway, this device will not be erased from your device list, you may want to remove it using another client.
sign_out_anyway Sign out anyway
loading Loading…
ok OK OK
later Later Poslije
permalink Permalink Permalink
view_source View Source Pogledaj Izvor
view_decrypted_source View Decrypted Source Pogledaj Dekriptovani Izvor
none None
report_content Report Content Prijavi sadržaj
start_chatting Start Chatting
spaces Spaces
time_unit_hour_short h
time_unit_minute_short min
time_unit_second_short sec
denied_permission_generic Some permissions are missing to perform this action, please grant the permissions from the system settings.
denied_permission_camera To perform this action, please grant the Camera permission from the system settings.
denied_permission_voice_message To send voice messages, please grant the Microphone permission.
missing_permissions_title Missing permissions
no_permissions_to_start_conf_call You do not have permission to start a conference call in this room
no_permissions_to_start_conf_call_in_direct_room You do not have permission to start a conference call
Key English Bosnian State
option_send_files Send files Pošalji fajlove
option_send_sticker Send sticker
option_send_voice Send voice
option_take_photo Take photo Napravi fotografiju
option_take_photo_video Take photo or video Napravi fotografiju ili videozapis
option_take_video Take video Napravi video
or or ili
or_other_mx_capable_client or another cross-signing capable Matrix client
other_spaces_or_rooms_you_might_not_know Other spaces or rooms you might not know
passphrase_confirm_passphrase Confirm passphrase
passphrase_create_passphrase Create passphrase
passphrase_empty_error_message Please enter a passphrase
passphrase_enter_passphrase Enter passphrase
passphrase_passphrase_does_not_match Passphrase doesn’t match
passphrase_passphrase_too_weak Passphrase is too weak
permalink Permalink Permalink
permalink_malformed Your link was malformed
permalink_unsupported_groups Cannot open this link: communities have been replaced by spaces
permissions_denied_add_contact Allow permission to access your contacts.
permissions_denied_qr_code To scan a QR code, you need to allow camera access.
permissions_rationale_msg_camera_and_audio ${app_name} needs permission to access your camera and your microphone to perform video calls.

Please allow access on the next pop-ups to be able to make the call.
Hepek treba dopuštenje za pristup vašoj kemeri i mikrofonu za obavljanje video poziva. Omogućite pristup sljedećim skočnim prozorima da biste mogli uspostaviti poziv.
permissions_rationale_msg_notification ${app_name} needs permission to display notifications. Notifications can display your messages, your invitations, etc.

Please allow access on the next pop-ups to be able to view notification.
permissions_rationale_msg_record_audio ${app_name} needs permission to access your microphone to perform audio calls. Hepek traži dopuštenje za pristup mikrofonu za obavljanje audio poziva.
permissions_rationale_popup_title Information Informacije
phone_book_perform_lookup Search for contacts on Matrix
pill_message_from_unknown_user Message
pill_message_from_user Message from %s
pill_message_in_room Message in %s
pill_message_in_unknown_room Message in room
pill_message_unknown_room_or_space Room/Space


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